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Collaborative Partnership

The CHSS eLearning Portfolio is the result of an innovative collaborative partnership between Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland and the University of Edinburgh’s Interactive Content service*.

Formed in 2007 the collaboration first developed a series of online training modules addressing core competencies in stroke care. This series of open access resources was subsequently highlighted by the Scottish Government as an exemplar training resource.

Following the success of the core competencies modules the resource has since expanded to comprise specialist advanced modules ranging from thrombolysis, cognition and perception to rehabilitation, self management and end of life care.

The community reached by the portfolio has in recent years extended beyond care staff and healthcare professionals to embrace carers and those affected personally by stroke, and has also developed new resources addressing aspects of heart and lung health.

In order to recognise and collate achievements in engaging with the resources, the CHSS eLearning Portfolio is underscored by SCoT Online - a digitised version of the Stroke Competency Toolkit, which allows individuals working in many related areas of healthcare practice to manage their training, gather accomplishments, and support Personal Development Plans.

* Previously known as the Learning Technology Section and originally based within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.


My Lungs My Life

Patient Respiratory Self-Management Toolkit

My Lungs My Life is a comprehensive, free to use website for anyone living with:

  1. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  2. Asthma
  3. Parents/guardians of children with asthma

My Lungs My Life will enable you to understand more about your COPD or asthma and help you to use self-management effectively as an equal partner with your healthcare professionals.

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Life After Cardiac Arrest

Real stories told by real people

This website provides support and information for those who have experienced an out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA), their families and those who have been bereaved by OHCA.

Life After Cardiac Arrest provides people with the opportunity to share their very personal stories, with the aim of reaching others in similar situations. Speaking about an OHCA can incredibly difficult and the impact of the event on the individual, their family and friends can be far-reaching. Life After Cardiac Arrest aims to increase the awareness of OHCA and to help others who have been through the same traumatic event. It provides support, advice and information in a one-stop directory of real stories told by real people.

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Stroke Training and Awareness Resources

The STARs project was commissioned by the Scottish Government to produce an e-learning resource which would enhance the educational opportunities for health and social care staff working with people affected by stroke.

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Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

OHCA: A Resource for Responders

An Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) impacts on many people - not only the person who has had the cardiac arrest and family members, but also those individuals who respond to an OHCA. This resource aims to provide support and guidance for those attending an OHCA in a trained capacity.

  • Increase awareness of the potential physical, psychological and social consequences of OHCA on those involved, in whatever capacity
  • Facilitate those responding to an OHCA to recognise the aftercare and rehabilitation needs of those affected by the event
  • Enable those responding to OHCA to support individuals, within their scope of responsibility, and to sign-post individuals to other, more specialised services, where appropriate
  • Provide a one-stop directory of resources and organisations available to support those on whom OHCA has impacted

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Heart Education Awareness Resource and Training through E-learning

HEARTe has been designed primarily for use by registered health professionals across primary and acute services who are involved in general areas which include cardiac care, however wider health and social partnership agencies and staff may also benefit from using it.

There are now 13 interactive, dynamic modules within HEARTe:

  1. Healthy Heart and Common Cardiac Investigations
  2. Primary Prevention
  3. Stable Coronary Heart Disease
  4. Acute Coronary Syndromes
  5. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  6. Heart Failure
  7. Palliative Care in Heart Disease
  8. Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
  9. Cardiac Investigation
  10. Hypertension
  11. Inherited and Congenital Cardiac Disease
  12. Psychological Impact of Cardiac Disease
  13. Multiple Conditions

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SCoT Online

Stroke Competency Toolkit

SCoT Online is an online format of the Stroke Competency Toolkit (SCoT). The interactive design will support your learning needs in stroke and assist you in providing evidence for developmental activities you have undertaken.

It is based on the stroke core competencies developed by NHS Education for Scotland (2005).

  • For all staff working with people with, or at risk of stroke
  • For all members and levels of the multi disciplinary team
  • Aligned to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF)
  • Supports your Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  • Evidence informal and formal learning activities
  • Evidence and achievement centrally documented
  • Core & specialising levels available
  • Built in tutorial on use
  • Interactive format saves TIME

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Stroke4Carers is a website for unpaid stroke carers, family and friends of anyone affected by stroke illness. Stroke4carers aims to give you free online advice, information and support whenever or wherever you need it.

After consultations with stroke carers from across Scotland the following seven topics were chosen:

  • Stroke cause and effects
  • The hospital team
  • Practical advice and tips for carers
  • Care at home
  • Money, benefits and legal issues
  • Support for you the carer
  • Carers' rights

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Self-Help 4 Stroke

Self-management website for people who have had a stroke

Self-Help 4 Stroke is a self-management website for for anyone in Scotland who has had a stroke. The content of Self-Help 4 Stroke was written by stroke healthcare professionals from across Scotland and by people that have had a stroke.

The website is full of interactive content, animations, video and audio clips that explain things in detail plus links to resources and information that can be downloaded directly.

It has been designed to provide practical tips and advice to help people understand and manage their own condition better and to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life.

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Core Competencies


This learning resource is based on the Stroke Core Competencies which were published by NES in 2005. It focuses on a wide range of core knowledge and skills required by all staff when delivering stroke care.

Target audience:
In Scotland all staff working with people affected by stroke should undertake training in the NES Stroke Core Competencies and be able to provide evidence of this training.

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Advancing Modules


There are 19 Advancing Modules which provide a more specialised learning resource aimed primarily at registered staff working in stroke services.

The target audience may include staff who:

  • have completed their Stroke Core Competencies training
  • wish to extend their stroke knowledge and skills
  • wish to refresh their existing stroke knowledge and skills
  • are responsible for providing training within their area

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Thrombolysis Masterclass


This Masterclass is aimed at senior staff who are involved in making the decision to treat with thrombolysis. The module consists of a series of virtual patient scenarios which focus on patient history, examination and imaging.

The learner is asked to decide what treatment options they would choose and have the opportunity to compare their treatment decisions with selected experts and other learners who have completed the cases.

The target audience may include staff who:

  • Senior staff involved in making the decision to treat with thrombolysis
  • Staff who have completed the Thrombolysis Advancing Module and wish to extend their knowledge of thrombolysis

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CHSS YouTube & Vimeo Channels

Established in 2008 the official Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) YouTube channel has published over 100 videos. Including educational content, charity fundraising activities and campaign advertisements.

Following suit, CHSS launched their own Vimeo channel in late 2015.

Visit CHSS YouTube Channel Visit CHSS Vimeo Channel

Life After Cardiac Arrest

Self Help 4 Stroke - Animations

My Lungs My Life - Animations

My Lungs My Life - Inhalers

STARs Psychology Playlist

HEARTe Exercise Tolerance Test



CHSS Flickr Albums

Established in 2016 the official Interactive Content service Flickr account has published over a hundred bespoke healthcare related illustrations.

All these files have a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons licence applied to them.

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Flickr Albums


CHSS SoundCloud Profile

Established in 2015 the official Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) SoundCloud profile has published audio files for several major online resources: HEARTe, MyLungsMyLife and OHCA: A Resource for Responders.

All these files have either a BY-NC-SA or BY-NC-ND Creative Commons licence applied to them.

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CHSS SoundCloud Playlists


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